The River Blackwater

The Blackwater

by Jenny Fair

More grey than black,
More tide than slack,
More mud than sand,
More sky than land,
The Blackwater.

More paint than pay,
More brush than spray,
More Jolly than smart,
More guess than chart,
The Blackwater.

More Sprites than cats,
More hoods than hats,
More wet-suit than blazer,
More Fireball than Laser,
The Blackwater.

More creek than marina,
More rill than Medina,
More Mirrors than Scows,
More herons than Cowes,
The Blackwater.

More sprits than chutes,
More owls than coots,
More beer than gin,
More peace than din,
The Blackwater.

More old than new,
More green than blue,
More history,
More mystery,
The Blackwater.

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